Development of Telecommunication System

Many economical and Technological Problems related to the communication system are always in the mind of expert and to and get rid of these problems they have some imaginations in their minds. These imagination give rise to the birth of the satellite communication system. There are three basic part of the satellite communication system. The first geo-center to send and receive information, the second communication medium that is the atmosphere and the third is the satellite.
Development of Telecommunication SystemIn satellite communication system, various information in terms of telephone, telex, video, and sound signals are sent form the satellite after converting them in high frequency with the help of instruments. Satellite receive high frequency signals and after converting in to another frequency signals sends it back towards the earth, those are received by geo- centers .satellites have many electronic devices that require electronic energy of run. This electronic energy in satellite is received from solar cells Decides the life of satellites. Satellite communication system is so efficient that the communication system can be established by one satellide on the one third part of the earth and three satellites can be used for communication on the whole the earth. Satellites communication system dose not require any additional maintenance.
Author:- Alka Dadheech

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